ZE series extruder

Date:2019-09-19 15:07 Popularity:

1.Small clearances: nice self-cleaning and up build voltage capacity,returns less with mix well, short dwell time. 
2. High torque: power spilt& symmetric transmission structure, carry capacity increase 50%, specific torque coefficient up to 14N.M/cm³.
3.Great stabilization: small radial force on weak shaft of gear box, bearings basically have no wear, the transfer of output shaft almost invariant, reduce wearing between screw with barrel caused by the shaft transfer increase. 
4. High speed: max. Screw speed is 1200rmp, material can dispense better within allowable high speed, increase productivity as well.   
5.Deep high cell: groove depth ratio is 1.55~1.78,it will increase the feeding ability, reduce the shearing strength and the production temperature, improve the air exhausting ability.

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